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Terms & Conditions

You must read through all my terms and conditions before submitting your appointment request. Any additional question will be answered after your request has been reviewed. and I have sent a follow up email.

Tattoo Terms & Conditions


By submitting your booking request you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

I offer in person consultations for people who feel more comfortable talking through their tattoo ideas face to face.

Consultations usually last between 15-45 minutes. 
A $100-$200 cash deposit will be collected to secure an appointment date.

Please be prepared to clearly articulate your idea with reference images. 

I price my custom tattoos by the hour. My hourly rate is $180. 

I require a $100-$200 non-refundable deposit.
This deposit can be carried over for 1 reschedule as long as the request is submitted at least 5 days before the original appointment.  

Any further reschedules after that will result in the forfeit of your deposit and will require another $100 deposit to be put down. Cancellations or reschedules less than 5 days in advance will result in the forfeit of the deposit. Failure to come to your appointment without notice will result in the forfeit of your deposit and you will not be permitted to schedule future appointments with me.

I offer 3 rounds of design revisions. Any further revisions will have a $20-$100 charge per design depending on the complexity of the artwork. If after artwork has been started you change your tattoo idea a $20-$100 fee will be added depending on the complexity of the artwork. All quotes I give at consultations or through email are estimates as I can not say exactly how long a tattoo may take before starting the tattoo. Many tattoos take multiple sessions to finish. I offer 2-4hr sessions. 

I have a 2hr minimum and split my day into half day sessions (2hrs) or full day sessions (4hrs).  Once a booking request is sent I will send a follow up email with an estimate and let you know if a half or full day session is needed. Appointments are not set and final until a deposit is paid. I will hold requests for 72 hrs after my follow up email, if no deposit has been paid or you have not responded to my email within 72 hrs the request will be declined.

I regularly post up for grab tattoo designs. These designs are as is only. These designs are priced at either a flat rate or at a 10% discount on my hourly pricing. Pricing will be giving through email after the request has been sent.

I do each of my pre-drawn up for grab designs only once and offer them on a first come first serve basis. All my up for grab and flash designs are as is, if you see a pre drawn design that you want altered or if a design you want has already been claimed we then would go through the process of creating a custom tattoo for you at my full hourly rate of $180/hr.

If once a flash piece is selected and you decide you no longer what that flash but choose to keep your scheduled appointment a $50 fee will be added to convert your flash appointment to a custom appointment. All changes to your appointment must be made or requested 1 week in advanced.

By submitting your booking request you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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